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Hand spun dog fur!

Create a keepsake of your special friend!  I will wash, card and hand spin your dog fiber into yarn.

Some very soft dog fibers can be hand spun and used to create hats, sweaters or vests.  Others can be used to create keepsake crafts, like crocheted hearts, key chains or book marks.
Hand spun dog fur is $12/ounce (spun weight).  You send me the fur.  I wash it, dry it, card it and then hand spin it.  The resulting skeins produced are weighed and charge accordingly, as above.

Hand spun Samoyed undercoat is very soft.  It's like angora!
This is Husky dog fur.  It is a little scratchy because it has "guard hairs" in it.  Not just undercoat.  It would make some nice keepsake hearts, bookmarks or key chains.  What ever you can think of!
This yarn was hand spun from my dog "Bosco's" fur.  She is a Chow/Norwegian Elkhound mix.  I crocheted this keep sake heart with it.  I also needle felted her name on the back.